Minister Fantino Recognizes Black Canadians' Contribution to our Identity
February 03, 2011

Vaughan - The Honourable Julian Fantino, Minister of State for Seniors, encourages residents of Vaughan to learn more about the contributions of Canadians of African heritage.

"Our Government appreciates the valuable contributions of Canadian community to our national identity," said Minister Fantino. "It is important that their achievements be celebrated and never forgotten."

The Vaughan community has an opportunity to become aware of the history of African Canadians - here in Vaughan and across the nation - that includes all of the founding and pioneering experiences. The African Canadian community has contributed to arts, culture, sports, media, literature, education, politics, business and many other facets of our society.

"The principle of equity entails that we create living experiences where African Canadians have the opportunity to achieve their greatest goal based solely on their will without facing impediments based on their racial and cultural identity," said Shernett Martin, Executive Director of the Vaughan African Canadian Association.

"Vaughan and the GTA are greatly enriched because of the contributions and hard work of black Canadians," said Minister Fantino.