Harper Government continues Focus on Jobs and Growth
January 17, 2012

Vaughan, Ontario - With the global economy still fragile, the Harper Government's top priority continues to be the economy.  The Honourable Julian Fantino, Associate Minister of National Defence and Member of Parliament for Vaughan, made the statement today regarding his ongoing consultations with residents in Vaughan on the best way to continue creating jobs and economic growth.

"The Harper Government's top priority continues to be the economy," said Minister Fantino. "With the global economy still very fragile, we continue to focus on creating jobs and economic growth."

Leading up to the next federal Budget, the Harper Government is holding consultations with Canadians from coast-to-coast on the economy.  These consultations are an opportunity for Canadians to provide their views on the best way to create jobs and economic growth.  Our Government has a strong record of supporting stronger growth and job creation with positive initiatives such as:

  • Expanding trade and opening new markets - for the export of Canadian goods and services to help our businesses expand and grow.
  • Investing in research and development - so that new technologies translate into jobs for Canadians and opportunities for Canadian entrepreneurs.
  • Investing in skills training - to help get people into the right jobs and to address skills shortages that hold back growth.
  • Eliminating red tape - that stifles growth and kills jobs, so we can support economic growth and entrepreneurship.
  • Keeping taxes low - to help families balance their budgets and to provide a competitive business environment that supports job-creating investment and expansion

"Since July 2009, Canadian entrepreneurs, businesses, and others have created almost 600,000 new jobs," said Minister Fantino.  "In preparation for the next federal Budget, we are listening to ideas of the Canadian people on the best way to strengthen the Canadian economy."

The various groups and organizations that Minister Fantino has met with to discuss their priorities thus far included the City of Vaughan, Regional Municipality of York, Seniors Association of Vaughan Initiative, Vaughan Chamber of Commerce, Toronto Italian Chamber of Commerce and others.

"For many weeks, I have been consulting with community groups, seniors, small businesses and other members of our community so that I am better able to bring the priorities that matter to Vaughan to Finance Minister Flaherty and Prime Minister Harper," said Minister Fantino.

In order to ensure that all residents of Vaughan can participate in this process, Minister Fantino has also participated in online pre-budget consultations. Those wishing to make submissions can do so by visiting www.resultsforvaughan.ca and select the "Pre-Budget Consultations" link.