Basement Renovations – How To Hire Contractors

Basement renovation is simply the act of renovating the usual basement area into something that is more useful for the household.  Normally, the basement area is a part of the home that is not being fully utilized.  This is because most home builders build basement areas for homes as a utility area – where the home’s utility equipment are stored or installed.  Such utility equipment will include water heating system, HVAC, and other utility equipment or system.

For most homes, the basement area is an uninhabitable part of the home as it is often the place in the home that is dark and creepy.  Even so, the basement area is still provides overall square footage for the home.  If fully utilized through basement renovations, the basement can add living space for the home that can be very desirable to stay at.  Unless the basement area is fully renovated and developed, no member of the household will usually want to stay and hangout in the basement.

banner_photoWhen a basement becomes fully renovated, it will act and look very much like any room around the home, but of course for a more particular purpose.  This is because you can have your renovated basement area designed into any space that you like.  It can be an additional living room, a family room, additional bedrooms, home office, gaming room, home theater room, or a combination of what has been mentioned and a lot more if the basement space is relatively big.  Of course, when the basement gets renovated into a desirable space, you can expect family members to be competing on who gets to occupy the area the most.

Regardless of who will occupy the area, it is very important that the basement renovation gets done right first.  Renovating the basement is a major home improvement project so it means it is not going to be cheap.  Since you will be investing a lot of money on this type of home improvement project, it is in your best interest that the basement gets done right; and the only way to make sure the renovation work is done right is by hiring the right contractor for the job.  Getting the right contractor is the safest way in ensuring that things get done right.  So how do you hire the right contractor?

  1. Ask for Recommendations – if you are not in the constructions business, it’s kind of hard to know whether a particular contractor is good or not. The best way in finding a suitable contractor is by asking for recommendations.  You can ask friends, relatives, or colleagues.  If you know an architect or a real estate developer, you can ask them if they know of any good, reliable, and trustworthy renovation contractors in your area.  It can help if the contractor you will be hiring is experienced in doing basement renovations
  2. Ask for Estimates – once you find the renovation contractor you are looking for, notify them of your interest in hiring them for a particular project. You can do this initially on the phone and then progress to meeting them face to face.  Give them a tour of the basement area that they will be developing so that they can make their measurements and do some tallying on renovation and development materials needed and cost so they can provide you with an estimate of the work they will be doing.  Although the estimate is not final, it gives you a rough idea on how much it will cost you to proceed with the renovation project.
  3. Ask for a Contract – if you are decided in hiring the renovation contractor, then the contractor will need to provide a contract that you can review. The contract will contain all the terms of agreement, including the timeframe in which the construction job is estimated to be completed, and the amount of money you need to pay them for the job.  The amount will include downpayment and succeeding installments until the full turnover of the renovated basement project to you.
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