Bathroom remodeling FAQs

Your bathroom may need renovations at some point. There are many questions that clients ask Calgary bathroom renovators before commencing the project. Some questions may seem obvious but others are a bit complex. However, there is nothing wrong with asking questions.

Here are few questions and responses that Calgary bathroom renovators are often asked by the clients. The response given are clear to understand and precise.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where do we begin?

A: The first step is drawing up the budget that will suit your needs. Take a good look at the current bathroom situation and decide what will be stay and/or go. The second step is choosing the color scheme and basic layout. The choices made will depend on individual preferences. For clients who may not be sure about some aspects such as the layout, it is time to introduce a skilled contractor to your remodeling plans.

Q: Do I need any permits?

A: Yes and No. Basically, it will depend on the type of work being undertaken. Remodeling plans that involve electrics and plumbing, a permit may be needed. However, one can request for such information from a licensed and skilled renovator. Different areas have different regulations. Where a permit is needed, ensure you get one to avoid issues such as tax, fines and insurance troubles.

Q: Do I need to replace everything?

A: It is important to note that different people have different needs. In addition, people operate on different budgets. You may not need to replace favorite bathtub while the Calgary bathroom renovators can easily clean and shine it up. If you feel the need to replace the sink basin with a better model, go ahead. It all depends on the budgets and needs of the individual.

Q: I need a new look but I cannot finance it? Any suggestions?

 A: UPCYCLE! There are so many reusable items that can benefit someone else. Sell the second hand items in your bathroom and get yourself something new. Alternatively, one can shop online for quality and affordable bathroom items that they may need.

Q: Is there any way my old bathtub can be made shiny and appear new?

A: Yes. There is a basic refinishing kit that can make your tub appear new. Some of the items that may be needed include spray gun, paint brushes, sander and a face mask among other tools. The good news is that you can do it on your own.

Q: What should be included and excluded in my remodel plan?

A: For a minute do not be fooled by the TV shows. Work with what you can afford. Do not feel bad if your bathroom lacks a Jacuzzi tub or heated floor tiles. Remember, there is no standard remodeling plan.

Q: When it comes to choosing paints for the bathroom; do we go for semi-gloss or flat?

A: Stick with the semi-gloss if you want to quickly wipe unwanted stains and markings on your wall. The problem with flat paint is that it may require frequent repainting as it wears off quickly. In addition, semi –gloss paint is more reflective thereby giving lighting a boost.…

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